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NE Portland chiropractor and wellness physician, Dr. Arn Strasser is a specialist whose over 20 years of gentle, research-based patient care is recognized nationally. He takes time to listen to his patients and works with them to achieve optimum health and wellness.

HERNIATED DISC SPECIALIST providing gentle, research-based non-surgical chiropractic care of disc herniation of the low back and neck including care for sciatica, pinched nerve, arm pain and leg pain. He has advanced  training in Cox Flexion Distraction protocol for disc injuries.

NON-FORCE | GENTLE | NON-THRUSTING and TRADITIONAL GENTLE ADJUSTING for Neck and Low Back Pain injuries, Rib sprain, Middle back and Sternum pain.

SPINAL STENOSIS with symptoms of leg and arm pain and numbness is effectively treated with gentle Cox Flexion Distraction.  

HEADACHE | MIGRAINE respond to non-force chiropractic, cranial therapy craniosacral and wellness care as an alternative to drug therapies.

TMJ | JAW | FACIAL PAIN are treated with gentle specialty chiropractic manual and cranial techniques. Cranial Therapy Cranio-Sacral treats underlying stress.

SHOULDER | KNEE | ANKLE | EXTREMITY INJURIES are best approached by emphasizing the underlying joint mechanics and role of the nervous system and treatment with chiropractic, physical, exercise, and  manual therapies.

CRANIAL | CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY is a specialty of Dr. Strasser combining Osteopathic, Chiropractic and European techniques.

WELLNESS PROGRAMS are focused treatment and lifestyle strategies that offer a neurological-based approach to treating hypertension, fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes and promoting longevity.  Wellness Programs are individualized solutions to acute and chronic conditions 

Ours is a patient centered practice. Dr. Strasser will be always pleased to answer your questions regarding your symptoms. We will gladly help you with insurance, billing and scheduling.  Please call 503.287.2800 or email